Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Move Into Your New Building with Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing

Leasing property is necessary for many companies at the beginning, but it’s not an ideal way to do business. It’s not fun to deal with landlords that hold you back or charge you more than what’s fair. You can avoid these issues, reach your goals and expand your profits with the help of our stated income commercial real estate loans. At Select Capital, we offer easy-to-meet loan requirements that are a great fit for small businesses, manufacturers, healthcare professionals, coffee shops, and many other companies.

What Is Stated-Income Real Estate Financing?

Traditional bank loans for business property are challenging to qualify for, both because of credit score requirements and annual revenue needs. On the other hand, stated-income commercial real estate loans are relatively easy to secure. The terms of the loan are related to the value of the commercial property you want to buy, not your credit score or bank account.

Our stated-income program has helped many businesses reach their goals of purchasing a new property. They’ve been able to ditch leasing for good, and their companies have benefited as a result. When you’re the owner of a property, you can expand your operations and increase your revenue without limits.

Some benefits include:

  • Great interest rates
  • Large loan-to-value amounts for purchasing
  • Financing for properties that need improvements
  • No hidden fees
  • No penalties for prepayment

Discover how stated income financing can help your business goals right away. Contact us to see all of the details about modern funding solutions today.


Stated Income Commercial Real Estate