Equipment Financing

Get the Equipment You Need for Your Business

Equipment leasing is a payment strategy accounting for around one-third of all equipment in use.

An equipment lease as “a contract for the use of a piece of equipment over a specified period of time where the user of the equipment becomes the lessee and agrees to make periodic payments to the lessor of the equipment with specific end of term options.” In other words: you’re renting the equipment.

Leasing allows you to pay for your equipment slowly, sometimes with the option to purchase it when your lease is up.


The benefits of leasing are:


  • You preserve your cash in bank and line of credit
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Tax benefits like expensing all or part of a lease payment to offset taxable income
  • Options to BUY equipment out at end of term or get something new

While some equipment companies that make forklifts, box trucks, semis, construction and even medical equipment offer leasing from the dealer, in many cases the customer cannot be approved.  Some companies need at least three years being in business so the dealer has to turn the order down.

We can work with many different companies in all kinds of industries where large companies will not and bank financing isn’t the smartest option.  Free up your capital and consider equipment financing .

Equipment leasing and financing options are amazing for many aspects of business, from increasing your team’s work capabilities to increasing the quality of your work. Where new equipment shines, though, is for expanding your company’s operations. Take advantage of equipment financing to open up new possibilities for your business. At Select Capital, we can help you choose excellent financing terms with no or low down payments.

Select Capital offers equipment financing and leasing options that feature:

  • Amounts up to $500,000
  • No financials necessary on requests up to $150,000
  • Little to no down payments
  • Multiple payment structures
  • Approvals in as a fast ass 24 hours (3-5 days for larger items)

Additional Financing Options

Select Capital offers additional equipment financing options, including:

  • Special programs for startups
  • Financing for businesses with low or imperfect credit
  • Sale-leaseback financing
  • Lease-to-purchase options
  • Guarantees approvals on leasing packages for municipal and government agencies

Take Advantage of Incredible Terms for Leasing and Financing

Our team provides low interest rates and simple qualifications for financing. We can walk you through the details right away. Contact us to get started.

Equipment Financing