Sale Leaseback Financing

Leases can be written on your existing equipment which will be turned into cash WHILE you still use the equipment.  If you have not heard of a SALE / LEASEBACK, this might sound too good to be true but these are used all of the time.

Consider a CNC manufacturer who may have spend $2 million dollars on castings that are in the supply chain and the end user has not paid for much of the shipped product.  Imagine the manufacturer has a line of credit that is maxed out BUT has $5 million of value in their existing machinery.


In this scenario, the customer calls Select Capital and we set up financing on the appraised equipment and a lender would be able to provide say $3.5 million of funding.  The customer would be able to pay off all of their inventory payables and the banks line of credit and have remaining working capital.

The customer has a monthly payment for 48 months and at the end of this time, they would buyout their equipment for $1.

For the asset heavy industries, this technique should be considered in situations where long term capital requirements are needed and no additional bank financing is available.

If you need fast access to working capital without taking on debt, you can leverage your equipment with our sale leaseback program. Sale leaseback financing lets businesses get the funding they need without divesting from the equipment they own. Select Capital can provide up to $500,000 and above depending on the make, model, and condition of your equipment.

How Leaseback Financing Works

Leaseback financing is a simple process. A business sells its equipment to us in exchange for capital. Even though the equipment is considered “sold,” the business still retains usage of the equipment, so they can still carry out their day-to-day operations. The balance owed is then repaid by leasing the equipment back. This gives businesses funding, use of their equipment, and tax benefits associated with leasing agreements.

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Sale Leaseback Financing