Merchant Cash Advance

Stabilize Your Small Business With a Merchant Cash Advance

Dips in the economy may not affect large corporations, but new and small businesses may feel the impact on their cash flow. A merchant cash advance is a short-term financial solution offered by Select Capital that gives businesses of all types and sizes the financial stability they need to grow even when the economy is slow.

How Does a Merchant Cash Loan Work?

When you are approved for a merchant cash loan, you receive one large sum of cash. The amount is determined based on your projected credit card sales. You may use the money in any way to benefit your business, and you pay the loan back by using a percentage of future sales for the next few months.

Merchant cash advances from Select Capital feature:

  • Amounts up to $200,000
  • No fixed payments
  • No debt placed on the balance and no impact to credit ratings
  • No prepayment penalties

Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance Today

Select Capital is proud to include merchant cash advances in our catalog of financial services. To see if you qualify for this type of financing, contact us today.

Merchant Cash Advance