Franchise Financing

Get Started as a Business Owner with Flexible Financing

Launching a startup is difficult, but many companies operate by making each location an individual franchise, allowing amateur business owners to buy into an established company without having the responsibility of starting the business. Buying into a franchise is an excellent way to realize your dreams of being a business owner, but you need the right financing to get started. The franchise financing options from Select Capital can help.

Who Needs a Franchise Loan?

Buying into a franchise company is a great business opportunity, but most people don’t have the cash on hand to make such a big purchase. Franchise loans make it possible for everyone to buy a franchise location.

Why Are Franchise Loans Beneficial?

Franchise loans are flexible and allow you to enrich your business in any way you deem necessary. You are free to purchase a franchise location, renovate a franchise building or cover the costs of operating it while you get started. We work with business owners of all experience levels, so you can receive flexible financing even if this is your first venture in owning a business. Franchise financing from Select Capital includes:

  • LTV up to 90%
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • No prepayment penalties

Apply for Franchise Financing Today

Select Capital offers franchise loans to both new and experienced owners. Contact us today to learn more about this financial solution and see if you qualify.

Franchise Financing