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  • Buying a Business or Property– Buying a company can seem impossible due to size constraints and proforma loan covenants. Non-bank lenders are more flexible and can have longer amortization schedules; much higher limits and favorable contract language. Our partners are experienced in the process and can provide a wide variety of small / unsecured loans all the way up to many tens of millions.
  • Sale Leasebacks- Your client might be in a situation where the current bank has guarantees on all of the company assets that exceed the value of the term or working credit they require.  A Sale Leaseback is structured when real estate and equipment is SOLD to lender for a large lump sum payment and the assets are leased back over a period of time with the original owner having the option to buy them back for a FMV Fair Market Value or for a $1 depending on how they would like to write off the interest as Capital or Operating lease.  This is ideal when companies are asset heavy and they would like to take out their current bank debt and restructure their balance sheet. 
  • Partner Buyouts– Sometimes banks shy away from financing STOCK purchases and they just can’t get it approved in committee, especially for large transactions.. We have multiple different strategies to get your client to the finish line.
  • Working Capital- Our partners have dozens of creative WC solutions that local banks don’t promote or even offer.
  • Equity and Mezzanine Debt- If your client can secure debt but is looking for an equity partner to assist in a sizable down payment, we have partners that provide just this.
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing– Equipment leases can be structured as operating expenses and have a FMV buyout which keeps the LTD numbers off the balance sheet. This is look as a very favorable situation from the banks eyes to provide additional income producing equipment without additional bank funds being deployed.  There are typically collateral and business cashflow centric.

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Buying a business or property, sale leasebacks, partner buyouts, working capital, equity and mezzanine debt, and off balance sheet financing.