For Real Estate Investors

Very comprehensive offering

From under $100,000 to over $100 million

Up to $3 million

Quick Approval

LTV program 75% to 90%

  • New Construction- Loans for Builders with shovel ready lots or teardown projects. Spec houses, model homes, infill or subdivisions may qualify.
  • Fix and Flip- Loans for buyers that are buying distressed properties, rehabbing and then selling.
  • Short Term Rental- If you are looking to buy a property to place on rental sites like VRBO and AirBnb, we have programs that even allow a construction or furniture budget to suit your needs based on projected cashflow of the property.
  • Cash Outs- Investors that have current equity in properties might want to take that equity out and invest in other properties. We can provide quick approvals often times without appraisals to provide cash to the owners to use for whatever they need.
  • Bridge Loans- Interim financing for investment properties where a FAST closing is needed and minimal or no rehab is required. These programs are used in opportunistic situations where funds are needed FAST to acquire a property or to move out of a construction loan.

For Real Estate Investors

New construction, fix and flip, short term rental, cash outs, and bridge loans.