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Select Capital was started with the business owner in mind. We have assembled an impressive selection of financing options for about every business depending on your needs and borrowing capacity. Our advisors have decades of experience owning and operating businesses and have dealt with both traditional and non-traditional lenders as borrowers in many different situations. Below are some of our programs we feel are most interesting and useful.

  • Unsecured Startup Loans: In many cases, people starting a business have been working for another company and have documented work tax returns.  If the aspiring entrepreneur has credit about 700 and has a monthly expense to income ratio of less than 35%, then unsecured term loans of 5-7 years are available up to $350,000 at competitive rates.  This is an excellent way  to start up a business without going through a large application process with SBA and is a great alternative.
  • Short Term Unsecured: Loans are available for 1 to 2 years that are non recourse that required FICO scores over 600 and existing business deposits over $15,000 per month.  These are short term revolving lines that have no prepayment penalties and can provide capital (depending on scores and situations) up to 1/3rd of the annual sales.  Funding can typically occur within 1 week once an application packed is complete and submitted.
  • Sale Leasebacks: Companies often find themselves in situations where the encumbent lender has blanket guarantees on all of the company assets that exceed the value of the term or working credit they require.  A Sale Leaseback is structured when real estate and equipment is SOLD to lender for a large lump sum payment and the assets are leased back over a period of time with the original owner having the option to buy them back for a FMV Fair Market Value or for a $1 depending on how they would like to write off the interest as Capital or Operating lease.  This is ideal when companies are asset heavy and they would like to take out their current bank debt and restructure their balance sheet.
  • Loans for Acquisition– We have many SBA and non-SBA programs to consider. The SBA lenders we work with are not only Preferred SBA lenders but are leading National SBA lenders which offer fast approvals and the most competitive rates in the country.
  • Trade Finance- If a business is needing receivables collected ASAP or would need some assistance in buying containers for a large order to a credit worth customer, then the entire supply chain can be financed on a monthly basis. We work with a leading supply chain FinTech company that makes this process transparent and simple with their online platform.
  • Equipment Financing: If bank Line of Credit is not available to secure trucks or manufacturing equipment, then financing equipment off balance sheet might be the best option for the operator.
  • Landlord Buyout – When renting a building, it may be less expensive to purchase the property from the landlord and put this into a longer term amortization schedule then your local bank can offer.
  • Small Balance Commercial Lending Program– We feel this is an underserved market and have developed a focus here to work with a wide range of property types including: mobile home parks, automotive, self storage, light industrial and of course multifamily/office/retail. One particular program works with properties in the range of $100,000 to $2 million that are credit worth small business owners / investors that would like to purchase, refi or cashout.

For Business Owners

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