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Securing Additional Funds

Bank relationships are critical to the success of our business model.  We do not have any depository relationships and take an advisory position with business owners to see where we can best help.  We advise all clients to maintain a healthy and communicative banking relationship. 

Furthermore, our team understands some of the challenges larger commercial lenders face and our goal is to help the client by securing additional funds in a smart way.

  • Sale Leasebacks: Companies often find themselves in situations where the guarantees of the loan are smaller than the overall equity on the balance sheet. A Sale Leaseback is structured when real estate and equipment is SOLD to lender/investor for a large lump sum payment and the assets are leased back over a period of time with the original owner having the option to buy them back.. The assets remain in place and the original owner continues to use them for a monthly lease payment.  This is ideal when companies are asset heavy and they would like to take out their current bank debt and restructure their balance sheet.
  • Bank Turndowns- We can tactfully approach your client and direct them towards a solution that has no other depository capability using private capital.
  • Unsecured Term Loans: We have a number of programs where the owners personal credit and business cashflow can support fairly sizable loans up to $1 million. There are also collateral based options for real estate and equipment. 
  • Hard to do Loans– Our partners work with small and very large requests over in challenging industries that may not fit into your banks risk profile. We can take a look at the request for you or your client and determine if you want to proceed.
  • Trade Finance- If a business is needing receivables collected ASAP or would need some assistance for a large order to a credit worth customer, then the entire supply chain can be financed with our leading Fintech partner.
  • Asset Based Lending– If your bank does not have a division that handles this, call on us to discuss some options with your customer. Please keep in mind that we have no interest in a depository relationships with the end user.

For Bankers

Sale leasebacks, bank turndowns, unsecured term loans, hard to do loans, trade finance, and asset based lending.